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All Tied Up - It's Knot What You Think!

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

When I was a kid going to the Angus Barn for dinner meant men needed a tie, since then, social etiquette has become more casual. Earlier this week I was in an office for a huge corporation and everyone was in shorts! There is no doubt office attire has changed in the last decade. While casual feels good, wearing a tie is still a way to stand out in some settings. It's always a way to look professional and still show some personality.  One of our NC partners, Buffalo Bay makes ties, bow ties and scarves with an entire line of solutions. The fun is to see how they weave, literally logos, text, color and other design elements into a quality piece for that special signature item to reflect your brand and show unity. 

One of our case studies with this partner was a tie we created for the Town of Fuquay-Varina could use for employees or as gifts! 

Since the town's motto is to be a dash more; it was important to use the dual triangle shapes in the final design.

Ready to create something memorable for your business or organization? 

Ties and scarves are perfect fundraiser or support for a cause - an item to wear in numerous settings!  

It's knot as hard as you think to get out of the box with branding!

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