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Developing An EYE For Business

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

The EYES have it; yes; bad pun...but you know I like my word play. Fun and practical webcam covers are that inexpensive promotion you've been seeking to connect with your target markets.


  • A PTA might give them out to new families and remind them to WATCH the website for upcoming events. 

  • A municipality might give them out with an open house to introduce residents to new town programs.

  • A savvy marketer might use them for a social media contest as a reminder to participate.

  • Is your privacy safe? Know who's watching- we are looking out for you! Tech companies and law enforcement can use this type of product for brand messaging.

  • Smile and the world smiles with you- there are plenty of professional industries that rely on brilliant smiles. 

  • Decorators, graphic artists and web designers have an eye for pulling together the right amount of color, pattern and imagery to create a cohesive project.  If your business has a positive impact on another, like business coach that re focuses your assets, a hair stylist that uplifts your spirits with a new look or an insurance agent that is happy you continue to renew your policy each year - a smile goes a long way. 

Each of these strategies were lifted from archived case studies in our brand resource center. Creating an eye for brand engagement can benefit from a twist of fun!

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