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And The Product of The Year Is..

Reusable Straws! Product growth has been tremendous in reusable straws. What is the origin of this trend? A sea turtle's nose; no lie. In 2015 a marine biologist in Costa Rica made a video showing her team removing a plastic straw from a sea turtle’s nose cavity and that 8-minute video racked up over 38 million videos on YouTube. The outrage to the video’s content, along with the voice of millennial and Gen Z consumers embracing sustainable and eco responsible products has ignited the rise of reusable straws in our industry and re-ignites a desire for products made in our industry to bear a social responsibility to the environment.

Not sure if this trend is real? We have access to over 275 supplier carrying reusable straws in their line and usually more than one choice. In 2019, the desire for this type of product made it one of the top 5 most requested items within lines, boasting an astounding 402% increase in product queries from 2018. What makes them popular? Besides the environmental benefits, it’s a low price point item that offers a functional solution and high impression if used daily. Hopefully, with all of our educational materials you know the holy grail of promotional success is gauged by the number of impressions generated with brand engagement, which in turn provides the recall and retention to your brand when a consumer is ready to make a decision; top of mind advertising.

There are many options for reusable straws from silicone, wheat based, stainless steel, collapsible, and more!

This reusable silicone straw comes with a case that makes it easy to travel with. The decorated case takes your brand on the go, reminded the end user of your company with every use.

Another great option is a stainless steel straw that collapses. This particular straw comes as a kit which includes a travel case, silicone mouth piece and a cleaning brush for convenience.

Want to see more of the straws we have to offer? Visit our website!

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