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Are 7 Trees Excessive?

I admit it, I've been Christmas Tree obsessed for years! Each Christmas our family gets a "Tim Taylor" tree to fill our home with the smell of pine and to hold all the ornaments. When I say all the ornaments, I mean boxes of them! Before moving to our townhouse, we used to decorate 7, yes 7 trees all over our home. Many of those trees were theme related, including sports, handcrafted ornaments from the kids, sparkling & glittering for the formal areas and of course, the main tree was packed with hundreds of ornaments collected over the years. In fact, I'm such a fan of trees, I deserve a holiday button to wear! Maybe I should start my own Christmas Tree Lover's Club! Would you join?

Ornaments also make a great mailer. Yes! Really! We've had several organizations create custom wooden ornaments with us, then mail them to recipients; without casualties. The wood is strong enough to mail, lightweight, and gives back by planting trees after each order!

Besides wooden ornaments, there are metal & acrylic- with fun ways to capture the ugly sweater themed contests to traditional keepsakes. Take a look at this e-catalog for inspiration. Don't be shy, we love creating custom images or designs to add to your holiday theme. Take a look at some of these holiday ideas.

Ready to plan? You know I am.

This post from our owner- Olivia Scott, MAS and Christmas Tree Lover!

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