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Ready For A Day Trip?

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Have you been longing to shed those winter boots and put your toes in warm sand? The sun is shining, and warmer weather is here; we hope it will stay. Bright sunny days often inspire a quick decision to take a road trip. When time is limited, every second counts. Carrying heavy equipment down to the beach or to a scenic lake view isn't fun. Promotional products are meant to solve everyday challenges, while generating brand engagement. Let's take a look at some summer products quirky enough to work for your brand.

  • Collapses into a round, flat carrying pouch with handles

  • Light and portable, just 2 lbs

  • Instructions, with tent rope and stakes, included

  • Perfect for the park, beach, backyard, company picnic and more

  • We have several styles

When you're outside, don't forget the sunscreen, including the Sun Bum Day Tripper Kit

and keep your car smelling fresh on your next road trip!

What's your favorite place for a quick trip?

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