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Are You Limiting The Holidays?

Who says the holiday celebrations only happen in December? Holidays are as much about cultural & family traditions as they are about fun. Why limit fun to the last few weeks of the year?

By expanding your view of the holidays and selecting dates for distributions that mean something to your company values, you are demonstrating what matters to you, providing fun and not getting lost in the shuffle.

  • For example, if education is important to your company, ship out custom books or popular titles on National Book Day in September or consider new desk supplies for the office- like a back-to-school bundle for each employee.

  • Companies that want to thank their loyal client base might consider Thanksgiving or combine & increase the value of your gift.

  • September is National Back to School Month- gift employees with a new work backpack, then donate to an organization in the name of your top clients or help support a local backpack program by volunteering or set up a bin at your office to collect supplies from employees or patrons.

Are you more inspired by visuals?

Considering there is a national date for virtually everything- create your own holiday celebrations. Do you have any unique traditions?

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