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Are You Making An "A" Effort?

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

As students head back to school, traditional products like journals will help them organize their thoughts and build retention of facts when they can record valuable information in a custom journal!

Handing out a pamphlet or brochure is nice but, will it end up in the trash? Students and parents can use an interactive journal for notes and reference information from any location.

A Welcome Back journal can be designed to include maps, coupons to local businesses, procedural changes or safety tips, all with full color. Our design team is up for any challenge to make sure the new semester will be as engaging as possible.

An easy way to ensure these important messages are being communicated is by adding SmartPicx to an insert! Using a link the SmartPicx watermark can connect to any webpage, allowing the message to expand way beyond the page. Consider out of the box landing pages, such as video links to a welcome back from the school principal or each of their teachers or to spur on some local commerce, watching the local pizza maker toss some dough! That's an idea that will deliver. We have many A list ideas and experience creating interaction with your brand message.

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