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Are You Redirecting Your Mindset?

Climate change has become quite the hot topic, and we have numerous blog posts around sustainable products and partnerships addressing environmental issues. Many of our partners have modified their factories, shipping procedures and manufacturing processes to reduce their carbon footprint with greener operational practices. The buzz words around green initiatives usually stem from corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Examples of promoting eco-friendly solutions and sustainability include:

● Recycling, composting and reducing waste

● Installing automatic or motion-sensor lighting & solar panels, to conserve electricity & use renewable energy

● Going paperless whenever possible

● Encouraging carpooling, remote work and other travel solutions that minimize carbon emissions and fuel costs

● Sourcing materials from eco-friendly, fair-trade companies

● Manufacturing products using recycled/recyclable materials

● Selling products in fully recyclable packaging

How can you as the consumer measure a company or product's eco-friendliness?

Learn more about what makes our Proud Path partner a go-to source for change in this Environmental & Social Responsibility 101: Terminology Glossary Flyer.

Ask us to share product ideas that are making a positive difference, like this bamboo charger!

Are you recycling more or making reener choices?

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