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Are You Resourceful to Homeowners?

Surely you've heard about the 2020 Census? Be counted!

According to Wake County's report, there are 1,308.4 people per square mile; included in those miles are a lot of homes!

The joy of home-ownership includes repairs, upgrades, maintenance and often selling one home to move to another. Connecting with homeowners, many companies find their specialty or service is in a crowded marketplace.

Retention and recall for your brand occurs with consistent engagement. Good news, your investments are worth it - people keep and use promotional products!

Tangible products that weave in your story into the function of a product add an additional memory hook. If you are a versatile service provider, these house shaped multi purpose tools will be great to mail or hand out at your next community event. Consider dropping off some to neighbors when you are working in their area. Do they have other shapes? You bet- trucks, tractors and a basic rectangle.

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