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Back Up For Fun

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

It's a popular concept to "flip your perspective". Maybe it's time to look at your personal living spaces for some inspiration for fun. Backyard spaces have evolved from the charcoal grill & 70's woven lawn chairs to gathering places, with fire pits, pizza ovens, pools and bars; your own slice of paradise at home. (A DIY interactive video app calendar makes a cool gift) Instead of packing up for a road trip, backing up to your back door might be all that is necessary for a day trip. So, Back UP for more fun this July!

What do outdoor moments have to do with branding? By now you've heard the phrase, live-work-play, keep this in mind your brand will work for you if it lives in spaces where your ideal consumer likes to play. July is National Grilling Month and putting your brand front and center in backyards does not have to be hard; only strategic. Reward engagement on social media with monthly prizes, perhaps for new followers, those that comment the most, leave recommendations, or share how your service is the best!

What can you offer in return? As always, it depends on your budget and your distribution plan. If you'd like to reward more people consider value-priced items like the spatula. Inside the house, sauces will be constructed using rubber spatulas or whisks, but once the meat or veggies hit the grill, stainless spatulas will be preferred.

Does your business have entertainment value or provide a service to families? Get families connecting in their backyard with a game of corn hole, dicey lawn games, or paddle ball to add some family fun in grassy areas. Folding mesh back chairs and tables will be appreciated for additional guests or when they do pack up for the beach or mountain day trip. Take a look at this testimonial for inspiration.

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