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Bag More!

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Did you know that 73% of Americans own promotional bags?  That is over 246 million people!

  • Bags make great advertisements as they can be taken just about anywhere.   

  • 52% of bag owner say the bag is kept because it's useful. 

  • Being useful, bag owners use their bag about 9 times a month over the course of 11 months.   

  • They have large imprint areas allowing many options for your brand message.  

  • They're a great way to reach people, creating 3,300 impressions over their lifetime.  

  • Continuing our penny-wise focus, did I mention bags are super affordable?

Totes are great for trips to the grocery store; are used unlike a plastic bag offering an environmentally friendly campaign. See more grocery totes

The focus on fitness and healthy eating has inspired people to take their lunch to work, which saves money and helps people stick to wellness goals. See more lunch totes

For traveling, duffel bags often replace the suitcase and conform to overhead bins. Soft sided duffels work well for work to gym and back. For the ultimate sports fans, this tailgater trunk cooler organizer would be perfect for game day or business parents with kids in after school sports programs or weekend travel teams. See more duffels, trunk organizers and travel bags

We can help design a bag campaign for your next community event, trade show, fundraiser or employee retention program.  There are price points to fit any budget- this low cost per impression, your dollars go a long way. Ready??

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