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Be Direct!

Direct mail is still alive in this digital age. We have the ability to help you create a memorable campaign and partners who will mail them out for you! Talk about a win-win.

Here are 12 reasons direct mail isn't dead!

1. Direct mail has a high ROI

While email and social media take the first and second spots, direct mail is only trailing social media by 1%. In comparison to paid search and online display, direct mail is holding its own!

2. Direct mail works great with a digital marketing strategy

Combining direct mail with a well-thought-out digital marketing strategy increase personability. Ask us how the two can work together!

3. Direct mail can target your audience better than you might think

Shocked? Don't be! USPS offers a tool called Every Door Direct Mail that allows you to send mail to consumers in different areas!

4. Direct mail is trackable

While the tracking may not be automated, direct mail offers you the ability to provide the consumer with a unique code or number. This approach will allow you to know how a new customer found you!

5. Direct mail is less common

Why is this important to consider? Less mail means there is more of a chance for you to stand out!

6. Direct mail has a feeling of romanticism

Direct mail has the ability to make consumers feel valued - especially if handwritten.

7. Direct mail is tangible and increases brand awareness

How? Direct mail has a higher chance of laying around a home since it's tangible and takes up physical space. Most mail pieces have a coupon attached, which is saved in most cases to use later!

8. Direct mail gets undivided attention

Think about it for a minute. When you come across a digital ad, you have multiple tabs open and how often do you really pay attention to the ads on the page? The digital world is crowded. With mail, you're not immediately aware of which is important and which isn't so you look before tossing.

9. Direct mail is for all age groups

Generally, when people think of a direct mail piece, they think of targeting older generations. However, you'd be surprised to know that 92% of Millennials are influenced by direct mail pieces?

10. Direct mail is creative

With direct mail pieces, the possibilities are endless. It's all about having fun!

11. Direct mail is multi-sensory

Unlike with digital marketing, direct mail gives you the opportunity to hit multiple senses.

12. Direct mail is memorable

Going back to direct mail being creative, the more creativity you put into the design, the more memorable. A truly memorable and out of the box mail piece will get the consumer wanting to share the marketing genius with their friends!

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