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Be Safe, Be Seen

Light up products are abundant in our industry, ranging from items you can carry to others meant to be stored at home or in your car.

How can light up products provide you personal safety?

  1. Becoming more visible to drivers as you share the road

  2. Light up products with whistles or alarms are good for individuals that walk or run when it's dark, to signal distress to others around you on trails

  3. Flares for the car, when you are stranded road side

  4. Finding your keys in your bag in a dark parking garage

  5. Navigating the rocky path at a the camp ground with a light up water bottle

  6. Finding items in your tent

Companies that offer safety to individuals or families, senior living services, non- profit groups, first responders, run clubs and schools may find these types of products helpful to their marketing efforts.

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