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BEE The One to Make a Difference

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

April is National Stress Awareness Month, so it's good timing that these self-care kits will be ready to ship out in March!

This revolutionary kit goes beyond typical promotional products by creating a unique experience for each and every user as they create their own lip balm. Foster a moment of ever-important self-care that leaves a lasting impression with an experiential, fun, and creative product.

Some suggested applications?

  • Welcoming attendees to a conference, a gift in their room

  • Birthday or work anniversaries - as part of a program for employees

  • Teachers, Nurses, Doctors, Volunteer Appreciation

  • "Thank you for your loyalty"

  • Employee stress management gift

This kit includes everything needed to make five lip balm tins: ingredients (natural beeswax pellets, sunflower oil, peppermint essential oil, vanilla flavoring), utensils (plastic beaker, pipette, spatulas), empty lip balm tins, and instructions. Branding space includes customized labels for the tins, and a customized label for the inside box lid.

Our partner at Raining Rose Promo, will donate 1% of their annual profits to support honeybees and beekeeping families. That's going to create a buzz! Learn more about how these kits help support people and the planet here. Ask how this kit can qualify to be part of our annual Promotional Partners Cares Campaign. Double the impact this month. Have a heart. Bee the difference.

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