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Updated: Feb 26, 2020

It's National Love Your Pets Day! Pets are not just pets anymore, they are a part of our family. According to the 2019/2020 National Pet Owners Survey, about 85 million families own at least one pet, or 67% of American households. Of that 67%, 35% are made up of Millennials alone.

The pet parent market is huge and they are willing to spend a large amount on their fur babies - let's look at some statistics courtesy of a new survey from TD Ameritrade.

  • 67% of millennials refer to their pets as "fur babies."

  • 68% would take leave from work to care for their new pet if offered by employers.

  • Millennial dog owners spend $1,285/year on their pet. That's $67 billion annually as a group.

  • Cat owners spend $915/year and $33.5 billion/year as a group.

What can you do to appeal to pet crazed individuals?

Custom Accessories

From custom leashes to collars to bandanas, take your brand on the go! People gravitate towards animals, why not capitalize on their ability to capture attention by styling them with your brand.

Home Items

Give your employees or customers a reason to thank you on the daily! From keeping their clothes and home hair free with a lint roller, to keeping their floors free from water with a food mat to a treat jar decorated with your logo, they'll know you care about them and their pets.

Travel Accessories

Take your brand on the go! If given a unique or quality item, it is sure to grab attention of other pet owners. Consider a pet waste bag dispenser made from wheat straw, a collapsible bowl that can be hooked to a backpack, or a dual pet food carrier that hold water on one side and food on the other.

Just a glimpse at the other pet related days throughout the year:

March 13 - National K9 Veteran Day

March 23 - National Puppy Day

April 11 - National Pet Day

July 15 - Pet Fire Safety Day

August 26 - National Dog Day

October 26 - Global Cat Day

Ask us how you can incorporate these national days into your yearly marketing plan!

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