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While a branded tote bag is a tried and true promotional product for conferences, meetings, and trade shows, having a tote bag that stands apart from the rest can be difficult. Instead of having a simple one-color imprint of your logo and website, upgrade your bag to a multi-color imprint. Multi-color can take this strategy to the next level by providing an exciting, destination bag that will be a sought-after souvenir.

When your company is traveling to a new city or highly sought-after destination, allow your event bag to capitalize on the destination’s appeal by making the host city the star of the imprint. An attendee will view the bag as a nice souvenir that they might buy in a local shop and carry the bag around in their day-to-day life long after the show ends, earning you a stronger return investment for your marketing dollars.

So, how can you make a successful destination bag? We have 3 tips that ensure you will create a high-impact event bag.

1. Choose high-impact artwork that will showcase landmarks or locales in the host city in a multi-color imprint so you can put the spotlight on beautiful photography of popular tourist sites.

2. Pick imprint processes and bag styles that allow for the strongest visual statement.

3. Pay attention to bag quality to ensure longevity.

More ways to elevate your event bag:

There are so many ways to uniquely customize your event bags even beyond a destination-themed picture. Here are just some of the options that can leave a big impact on people and spread your brand's message beyond the boardroom.

  • Have a catchy slogan that captures the attention

  • Have the outline of the state you are in as the design of the bag to add a personal touch

  • Let your brand's colors be in every aspect of the design

Our creative team is more than willing to help and collaborate to make your event bags a true mark of character for your brand!

Check out our website for more options on custom events or tote bags, here.

** this partner is a woman-owned company, so working with 2 women owned companies since we are woman-owned!

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