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Brands Travel-be salty, sweet or spicy!

What's behind the allure of curated collections and smart packaging for gifts and mailers? The mystery and presentation factor make the recipient immediately engage. Did you know

In the retail market, well-known consumer brand favorites know that distinctive, well designed and functional packaging adds considerable value to both the perception and purchasing decisions- creating influence. A well designed package, enhances brand communication, supports product positioning and helps a product stand out among other choices. Packaging is the visual communication tool that sets the tone for the contents. Think of mailers and gifts as your point of sale display. The shape, materials, colors and design of the package draw in the consumer, creating opportunity for engagement.

One of our favorite collections for smart looking gifts and unique flavor profiles is our partner crating these yummy treats- art to the eye and rave reviews for the taste! There's a kit style for everyone on your list and since only need to order 1 style kit, with no set up- you can mix & match for your recipients. Pretty easy huh?

Interested in your crafting your own curated collection from around the triangle or with an NC theme? Not a problem, we can even layer in the Custom wrapping paper, ribbons, bags and tissue to make sure your fulfilled packages add the memorable wow factor.

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