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California Dreaming?

Is your conference this year in sunny California? Do you have a challenge at work that ends with a team rewarding a trip to the West Coast? Did you land an account or increase sales with a California based partner?

Wearables are a hot market for branding. The workplace has become casual and adapted to comfort over conformity. What can your brand do to reward employees, while increasing visibility for your brand in the community? An employee might not post an image of their most recent award on social media, display it on the dashboard of their car or wear it to a little league game like they can with branded apparel.

Feeling extremely adventurous? Think about all the possibilities custom shoes and belts offer. They are a fun reward that offers high impressions in the workplace, a creative way to acknowledge a team and increase visibility for your brand in the community.

Graphically Speaking: Crowdsource the design, it will have even more meaning to the recipients.

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