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Can You Imagine This?

Don't get caught up in the scramble of words, promote through your image!

Your image is the number one visual that people will remember and associate with your brand. So, it is very important to make sure all of your promotional material properly represents this image. Our valued partners at JournalBooks, share in this message and have come up with a wonderful solution to have your image go beyond your imagination.

JournalBooks is a North Carolina-based journal company that has USA-made items with a special mission for eco-friendly products. JournalBooks is in agreement that your image should be represented correctly and what better way to do this than to have a book dedicated to your image? The StenoPad ImageBook is a 5 x 7 journal that offers a lot of opportunities to combine print and promotion! Combining printed collateral in promotion is the perfect way to increase distributor opportunities.

The StenoPad ImageBook is perfect for human resource training for new hires, the beginning of the school year as a celebratory kick-off to the sports seasons, and even in healthcare to present patients and staff with a journal and pen gift set to introduce new health initiatives. No matter what your business is, the StenoPad ImageBook can see to it that your image is properly represented with a lot of different customizable options.

For instance, customize your StenoPad ImageBook by laminating the full-color cover to a paperboard that matches the back cover, or add a full-color tear-away business card insert to maximize your brand’s message.

The customization doesn’t have to stop at the cover either. We can create a lasting impact for your brand by repeating your message, trademark, or logo on the filler pages. With the Custom Common Filler option, you can have your own mark printed on every page to create a truly custom effect.

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