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Cascading Gratitude Inspires

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

When it comes to the marriage of nature & architecture, look no further than the genius of Frank Lloyd Wright. His innovative designs span more than 1,000 structures over 70 years. Wright believed in designing in harmony with humanity and its environment; best exemplified by his Fallingwater home shown here.

When we look for ways to acknowledge others, traditional awards often come to mind. While a free-standing award is a traditional approach, the piece can be as unique as the recipient. Artistry is not just found in the painter or the architect. Do you have a teammate whose talents led to a breakthrough on a project or landed a large account? Image the impact of your gift, if it's layered like a waterfall. The cascade created by layering products will add both interest and elevate the message. Like what?

Desk accessories constructed with wood and stone, merge two textures and provide concrete products to use in your workspace. Including a sketchpad and colored pencils suggests that your recipient is visionary, with more ideas left to inspire the team. Package those with an award that captures the spirit of the innovator, like this piece using elements of Wright's work.

Building kits that demonstrate gratitude or inspire action is not a new concept for our artistic team. We love putting out of the box ideas into a box to ship to your recipients!

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