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Choosing Community Service

When a new client initially meets in the showroom, there are a lot of questions about defining their identity and value to establish the core messages related to their brand. There are also questions about how they are currently marketing and where they are investing in the community.  

Volunteering does take time away from family and business, but the rewards are tremendous. Besides the benefits to others, there is the benefit to your own personal growth. Being community focused also makes you a better resource. Just as a veracious reader knows the latest novels or sports fan follows ESPN, immersing yourself in the community makes you aware of your surroundings.

Savvy marketing relies on understanding consumer trends and social media platforms but at a grassroots level; one needs to go to the street. "Insiders" always have a pulse on what's popular, what locals are talking about in their own circles. Those tips and areas to apply your time and talents are what makes volunteering create a cascading effect in the community. The more organizations can be matched to sponsors, donors and volunteers that share their mission and passion - well results happen.

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