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Clean That Desk!

When was the last time you cleaned your desk? Today is National Clean Your Desk Day so what better time than the present to start the week and year off fresh!

On average, an office employee will spend six weeks a year searching their desk. Help your employees or clients keep their desk clean this year with a couple of our favorites.

Combine two items into one with this wireless charging mouse pad. The kickstand on the back will prop up the top portion to charge your compatible smartphone while the bottom portion functions as a traditional mouse pad.

Wanting something a little more out of the box? Keep the workspace tidy with this cordless mini desk vacuum! Not only does it work for the desk surface but it can also clean keyboards, laptops, furniture and car seats. It's portable and lightweight design makes it perfect for busy professionals! Watch this video to see how it works.

Whether you are look for gifts for your employees or clients, innovative desk items are always a great option. Consider what's at your desk and ask yourself if branding at the desk might be the way to clean up on sales this year!

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