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Collaboration Is Essential

A working railroad cuts right through the heart of Downtown Apex!

If you've been to our showroom, you've heard the horn and felt the rumble when there is a heavy load because the historic downtown lies 2 blocks just beyond the railroad line. In fact, Apex's name derived from being the highest point on the Chatham railroad. In the 2 blocks of brick buildings erected in 1905, is a thriving business district filled with a unique blend of restaurants, retail shops, and service businesses. From the antique light posts & town clock memorial to a modern skatepark plaza, there is a friendly vibe that envelops everyone that strolls downtown. People make eye contact, say hi, and talk to strangers in a friendly way that makes visitors realize, they have arrived at The Peak of Good Living.

Locals coined the phrase, The Peak of Good Living, to describe the culture of the town. Due to the popularity of that slogan, the town decided to trademark it. As part of their licensing, they decided to "give the people what they want"- Peak Swag! Capturing a memory is central to why consumers love a souvenir. Individuals look for memorabilia and collectible items to remind them of an experience long after they leave that location. When the Town of Apex starting planning a Peak of Good Living Store, they started by collaborating with our team, in our downtown showroom- horns and all!

Crafting images that embodied the slogan and provided retail appeal to consumers were central steps to the process of designing this program. Our lead designer, Miranda crafted design concepts around the guidelines and ideas discussed during our initial meeting. The graphics selected were intended to riff off the popularity of retail-inspired products featuring the state contour while adding in the trademark phrase. Next, products were selected with consumers use in mind, and again heavily influenced by popular retail trends. The town wanted the products to be functional items that would work well from work, to leisure, or for gifts.

The goal of The Peak of Good Living store was to offer local loyalists, brand enthusiasts, and visitors the opportunity to purchase licensed The Peak of Good Living merchandise. Trademarked products can be purchased in the town's e-commerce store or picked up at the Halle Cultural Arts Center daily, or during town events & festivals. What was the next chapter in this story? It has an national twist!

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