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Combine Innovation & Adventure For Brand Recognition

Let's face it items that make traveling easier- we are all for it.

What types of innovative ideas make perfect canvas's for your brand message?

Our recent trip to Nashville, of course our plane tickets were on our phone. Juggling your bag and personal items, while holding your phone- a Nuckle Buckle™ would have been handy.

It's a collapsible cell phone grip & stand, patent pending exclusive, that's a slim phone grip. It's adjustable from the top or the bottom, so getting a quick grip is simple. This product offers full color imprint space. It works with wireless charging devices & it has an adhesive strip that adheres to all phone cases.

How about that carry on bag, would you like a solution that's adaptable?

The Rollink bag is your solution. Rollink collapsible suitcases are designed to become your favorite travel companion, ready for a new adventure at a moment’s notice. They give you as much space as you need, when you need it, keeping you organized along the way. Rollink is 75% thinner than an average suitcase, making it four times more efficient to transport and store. Designed with convenient storage in mind, simply slim your suitcase down to its shell, slide it away under your bed or hang it in your closet until adventure calls. Durable, impact- and water-resistant shell, and premium materials ensure longevity, keeping Rollink suitcases away from landfills. Customize with your company logo for an idea recognition, holiday, or milestone gift! When you’re ready to go, Rollink will be too.

Sometimes bags must be checked. A luggage strap keeps the contents safe and makes your bag easy to identify at the airport baggage claim. The full color decoration insures your logo is seen as intended. Don't forget the bag tag for extra security with our NC partner, who produced these tags for our partner at CW22.

Did you noticed we highlighted key words?

When crafting a campaign with a specific message, tie in the properties of the product for more message retention.

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