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Connect the Dots!

Adults use the term connect the dots as a metaphor for explaining how a sequence of events now makes sense to a larger "picture". Events that seemed random, now complete the puzzle. As the world began shutting down in March because of COVID-19, a lot of people wondered how parents would manage to work from home and help their children with schoolwork – but there still is not as much being said about how to help children understand the situation. One of our creative, go to NC partners, JournalBooks, manufactures custom journals; they solved this issue with an interactive journal.

As part of the PCNA Cares program, JournalBooks created activity books to keep children entertained and teach them how to stay healthy. The book was constructed around the ValueColor NotePad for both its compact size and customizable full-color cover. The custom filler features activities and tips about social distancing, hand-washing and preventing the spreading of germs. It also includes games to keep kids occupied while they were stuck in the house, including classics like Tic Tac Toe and Dots. The remainder of the filler is Dot Grid, allowing them to use their imagination and draw, write or scribble til their hearts' content.

Our artistic side appreciates how this book is entertaining and educational!

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