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Consider Getting UnTucked

Guaranteed Quality

UNTUCKit sources cotton from all over the world. The team travels the globe looking for wrinkle-free fabrics that can withstand more than 50 washes and still look great.

That ‘Just Right’ Length

These shirts are designed to fall halfway between the belt and the bottom of the pants zipper, allowing the front pockets to be partially exposed. Customers can easily access their pockets for a cool, casual style. And every shirt is measured on the production line to ensure the highest quality possible.

Contoured Hemline

The hemline is rounded, not straight, so you can also wear it tucked in.

Signature Sail

The UNTUCKit sail can be found on the bottom of each shirt, reminding you to let loose and be free. Wear that shirt unfurled!

Reinforced Collar and Cuffs

Collars and cuffs maintain their structure with a little help from a Freudenberg interlining, an innovative bond between the fabric layers. This eliminates the need for an iron, steamer or dry cleaner. Products are manufactured to strict standards of weaving, dyeing and finishing. In short, these are shirts you can wash, dry and go.


All buttons are attached using a patented sewing thread that permanently “locks” the button in place. For women’s styles, there are “perfect-placement” buttons, which means no awkward openings, pulling or gaps. Just flattering fits for women.

From Work To Weekend

UNTUCKit shirts aren’t just for the office. They’re also perfect for happy hour or going out on the weekends. They’ve got that just-right length, fit all shapes and sizes, and help you look sharp — even at your most casual.

Excited to see more? Check out the full UNTUCKit collection here.

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