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Consumers Want Laughter

According to a 2022 study from Digital Information World, most consumers (57%) want brands to make them laugh, and nearly half (47%) want brands to make them feel motivated and inspired. In that same study, a third of consumers said they appreciate brands educating them and helping them learn new things. Also, one in five consumers value brands that prioritize inclusivity and make them feel seen and included.

How do those statistics translate into your marketing strategies?

Embrace products with larger imprint areas to add content without crowding the space. Adding what? Tips, inspirational quotes, reminders, or a QR code to a video message.

Embrace products with the option for digital printing, like adding photos. Show your team behind the scenes, before & after portfolio pictures or share goofy images of your team or images from a team building event outside work hours.

In the spirit of fun, here are some fun out-takes from our photo shoot, with Danielle Douglas earlier this year while working on our new team video and website. Thanks to Joe Mitchell with HW- Hardwork Strength Gym for all the laughs.

Our team created our own laughter with several attempts to get Keith smiling in our group photos!

Even products that encourage playfulness will be appreciated and thought about....shared, like these fun images with socks & towels given out by McClure Orthodontics.

Let's add some laughter to your next employee or referral partner campaign?

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