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Count On Women

There are 30.2 million small businesses in this country, which comprise a whopping 99.9% of all United States businesses. While the SBA defines a small business as a firm with fewer than 500 employees, we are asking you to think of micro-businesses this week.

It's critical for economic vibrancy that the government is aware of where we live to apply dollars and representation back into our communities, the 2020 Census will provide us information to aid with representation and federal funding. How does the census impact the business community?

Data collected shows that small businesses outnumber large businesses, employ a larger workforce collectively and growing at a significant rate. What types of business models are growing the fastest? Women-owned businesses! As woman owned NC HUB status business, we find that data exciting. In fact, data from the US Census Bureau, shows that the number of women-owned firms are on the rise and outpacing growth in other segments.

Did you know that North Carolina has over 330,000 businesses owned by women, employing over 250,000 people and generate almost $40 billion annually, not to mention our state is ranked among the top 10 states for women business leaders. You might even say that we are not only being "counted" but being "counted on" by many.

In our cause marketing section of the blog, we regularly highlight ways our clients can align their core values with product selections that "give back" and while we have many partners that list a desire to work with HUB status companies, it's unfortunately rare that diversity partnership is a significant consideration when ordering.

We have access to supplier partners that are HUB status for many reasons, such as Disabled American Owned, Veteran Owned, Minority Owned and Women Owned- for some odd reason a personal favorite!

Here are a few of our supplier partners that are woman owned:

Started in 1980 from her home, Bag Makers owner, Maribeth Sanford has grown her company to 400 employees! We've done many bag promotions with this company over the years including Halloween bags, Eco Bags for conferences and gift bags for sales.

Stromberg brand, has been a top provider for umbrellas since 1967 and is led by Helen Stromberg. Stromberg is often our go to provider for employee appreciation gifts, quality gifts for a ribbon cutting or ground breaking ceremony to draw awareness to the location.

Since 1992, Jornik, owned by Jordie Freedman, has been a line that's all about fun! Their tagline is "where creativity meets fundamental". We've used this company for products for state fairs or local festivals that provide booth engagement for kids.

Since 1974, The Chest has been owned and operated by Mary Dobsch. This company has assisted us with educational vinyl stickers, customer loyalty cards, custom puzzles, quick turn convention badges with variable data and unique packaging for direct mail or sales team distributions.

Inspired to form a relationship with a partner that fulfills your diversity goals?

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