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Crafting Visual Stories

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Written by Emily Freed

Still focusing on the design team at Promotional Partners, this blog will focus on Isabel and how she contributes to the Promotional Partners company through the design process.

Isabel has a bachelor's degree in graphic design from NC State University and has also completed internships before coming to work at Promotional Partners. Isabel uses this educational background in her work today by staying “familiar with current design trends but also knowing what will work best for a client and their needs. Finding a balance between the two is not always easy but is always rewarding when as a team we help make something our client is truly happy with.”

When discussing the design process Isabel states “Most designs can be done anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, however some projects that require more collaboration, like making new logos, can take longer.” She continues by highlighting how important the collaboration aspect of the design process is by stating “Good collaboration and communication is paramount. Being able to communicate with a client about their needs and working with the team about what will work best is necessary for effective designs and products.”

As an artist Isabel is used to collaborating with people in order to reach the final product, which includes receiving feedback from clients and internally. When asked about how the final product is impacted by the art and design process, Isabel expresses “I always enjoy when a client is excited about a project, and they often get excited when we are able to bring their vision to life. The art isn’t always the most important, but it does make an impact.” She continues by stating “Context is everything for a design, and what works for one person doesn’t always for another. I get to see a lot of creative solutions and ideas but they are all based on that client’s unique needs.” Take a look at this children's book Isabel designed for the Apex PD:

Finally, Isabel explains how the design process doesn’t stop at collaborating with clients or with internal collaboration but also in the proofing process. This step is crucial in making sure the order and design are exactly how the client wants. Isabel explains this by saying “When we get a proof from one of our partners for an order, it is one of the final checkpoints to make sure everything is as it needs to be. We check the art they give us to what we have on our end for any typos or art errors, and will also let the client give the final check of approval before an order goes into production.”

The design process at Promotional Partners is essential for the success of the final products. This includes collaborating with the clients, collaborating internally, and making sure the distributors have what they need.

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