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Creating a League of Your Own

March Madness, might be the next sports topic on CNN, but America's classic love of baseball makes it a perfect way to unify a team.  

A fun fact from the film A League of Their Own: The extras in the hall of fame scene are the actual players from the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.

Teaming in the workplace, like in baseball, requires fostering trust, playing off another teammate's strengths and shared goals. Corporate groups, churches, non-profits & schools often use branded apparel as a way to unify their team and generate excitement for shared goals. We've created several baseball themed tee campaigns using popular raglan tees.

Each of those campaigned required custom design work from our graphics team. This tee for West Lake Middle School was designed around a call to action to set up and #BETHEONE. The staff kicked off the year pumped up and focused for a common purpose.

Looking for a home run?

According to Advertising Specialty Institute research:

  • 80% of consumers own and wear a branded tee

  • Tees will generate over 3,400 impressions per month

  • On average, it only costs 2/10th of a cent to create a tee promotion

  • 63% of consumers keep and wear a tee over 14 months

That's some strong ROI and CPI ( cost per impression), creating no buyer's remorse. After-all Tom Hanks said it best, "There's no crying in baseball"!

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