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Creating Loyalty, Recognition & Engagement

Happy National Wine Day! Capitalize on this day by offering wine enthusiasts a way to celebrate their love of wine and "indulge" in the health benefits of drinking wine. While wine has many positive benefits, such as reducing the risk of heart disease and adding flavor to food - you should know we are interested in how a savvy marketing campaign can align with your brand message. 

Let's start with an easy way to integrate the love of wine with brand engagement. Do you have an achievement, charity fundraiser or work anniversary coming up?   A custom wine bottle or commemorative etched glass enriches the memory at your event.  A stemless wine glass will be easier to transport to events and stack for display than one with a stem. There are many ways to decorate your glassware pieces such as jet directt, custom glow ; all of these options are in our showroom.

Maybe you need a special gift for a client or employee?

Consider inserting tickets to an outdoor concert paired with a favorite bottle of wine. Your gift instantly becomes part of an employee engagement or customer loyalty or referral program.

A functional, quality bottle opener like this name brand one from Laguiole is both a gift and an opportunity for your brand to be a topic of conversation during social gatherings.

Building customer loyalty and engagement with your brand using wine; well it's one of the many reasons we love our job, cheers!

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