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Creating Memories, Starts At Home

Photos and videos usually start with our families, albums that capture events and videos to remember the moment in vivid detail. A fun fact about our owner, she designed and printed the Cary High Class of 1982 water tower tees, letting them dry on her front lawn. That must have been a site to passing neighbors, but it was also a sign that another group of students planned to enjoy their senior year in high school.

One of the many things our team loves about being located in Historic Downtown Apex is the unique blend of businesses, making the seasons fun not only at the holidays but year-round. We a family of different types of businesses, supporting each other and our community. If you've never been, check out this video by 621 Productions and you'll be reminded why local businesses are the heartbeat of our communities.

Earlier in the summer, we helped 2020 graduates celebrate their graduation milestone through visual communications- signage! There were banners over the street, signs in the window, flags lining the drive through celebration route, and boulevard banners hanging from the lampposts. It was fun to see all the graduates that came down to take photos in their cap and gowns by the lamp post with their school flag. This case study captures some of the images from those celebration moments.

Working with schools is one of the rewarding parts of our workday because we get to see the results in your photos or as we pass cars with magnets, cross country runners working out, school buildings showing pride for their senior class or visiting stadiums- there are products and designs we have created. By partnering and supporting our athletic boosters & PTSA's we are able to insert images that become the visual communications that make memories.

Keep making memories and let us help you design ways to use signage that keep the story going years later, just like those water tower tee shirts!

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