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Did I Catch Your Name?

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Everyone has a name and introductions always start by sharing an exchange of names. Besides social etiquette, knowing one's name adds security.

For industries like retail, hospitality & healthcare identification is a critical component to their service.

Badge options are also USA Made Products! We even have NC- Local options.

Reusable options- provide an ability to use the badges for different employees reduces costs and waste. Three reusable name badge options include a full color imprint with different functions:

offer supreme durability. Choose from plastic, metal or wood. Engraving is permanent and long lasting.

Full Color Print & Sublimation Name Badges- These specialized printing processes can be used with plastic, metal or acrylic for a polished appearance. These badges are ideal for customers with intricate or colorful logos.

Ask for something different- trendy items such as leather patch badges like the one in this blog post or even the natural look with wood.

Special events are perfect for light up badges!

Photo ID Badges- Custom ID badges are beneficial to workplaces where additional security is needed. They help distinguish between employees and non-employees.

Name badges are a useful tool for all types of businesses. Ask about integrated technology or holographic stickers that are tamper proof.

Badge Talkers- sharing information about your team, your services- certifications and special events using a dual sided laminated card as part of your badge program.

VIP- Speakers- ask about ribbon tags we can add to badges to highlight speakers or VIPS at conventions and Chamber of Commerce events. As well as badge backers.

Holographic ID badges can't be duplicated or forged- a quick and easy way to identify who has access to an event or is allowed to leave campus for lunch.

As vaccinations continue to take centerstage as a requirement for entry- vaccination card holders are a smart investment. Whatever type of badge program you need, we have options.

Even wooden ones, that plant a tree after every order!

Don't see exactly what you need on our website? No problem, we have samples of options in our showroom including custom shapes and more unique options. Our website is not intended to limit you, only to inspire.

We can create turnkey badge release programs which offer you a lower price and quick turn, plus design your badges too!

Ask our certified team for solutions that fit your needs.

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