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Discover The Allure of Mixed Media

Mixed media for recognition pieces allows the final product to not only conform to your vision but match the aesthetic attributes of the space these pieces will reside. Stunning awards designed specifically for your needs using popular materials, with modern designs and quick turn. Collections include your choice of materials such as bamboo, American walnut, ebony, brushed aluminum, acrylics, and cork. Combine elements for a stylish design created exclusively for your special event.

Layering materials

Bending metal, wrapping images & text to provide intrigue

Using magnets to add years of service and other benchmarks securely to an existing piece.

Magnetic products have unlimited options - inspiring ideas here.

Even layer acrylics for dynamic results

Perhaps your company's core values would prefer using natural resources with sustainable cork to produce exciting results. How is the cork harvested and use? Watch here.

Looking for something custom or USA Made? Follow our next blog!

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