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It's the weekend, which means dog parks and nature trails! Chances are you may encounter someone that likes to FROLF!

What the heck?

FROLF is the slang term for disc golf, used to describe disc golf, usually by non-disc golfers because this popular activity combines both 'Frisbee' and 'Golf'. Around the triangle it's easy to find disc golf courses. This activity is a popular way to spend some time with friends and family.

What is disc golf? Read more on the association website here.

How can your brand become part of the fun?

Offer your employees or key business partners a set for year round fun. Summer through winter, this is a game that's easy to play in our milder climate.

The 3-Piece Disc Golf Set is perfect for beginners and intermediate disc golfers. Set includes a short-range disc, mid-range disc, and driver disc.

The set includes an eco-friendly bag with adjustable straps for easy carrying on the course that also another option in our ProudPath Collection of products giving back to 1% For The Planet.

Besides, this is yet another quirky enough to work product we offer.

We want to know, do you play?

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