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Do You Have Roots Planted In Our Community?

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. -Audrey Hepburn

One of the best aspects of living in a small town is the amazing clubs and organizations that often work behind the scenes but do amazing things for our community. This statement is true when discussing, the Apex Garden Club.

The Apex Garden Club has been around for many years, planting their knowledge into our gardens. The main goal of the club is to help maintain and grow the beautification of the town. You might have noticed that the gardens on the right side of the depot building look particularly nice. Well, this is because of the Apex Garden Club who keep up with this garden and put in their own efforts to make sure the garden thrives.

The group prides itself on being serious about planting but not serious about how they plant! In their own words, they are a “fun, informal, non-affiliated club in North Carolina that loves to exchange ideas.” Other activities that the Apex Garden Club participates in almost every month are wreath making, plant swapping, having various guest speakers, and of course, enjoying each other’s company.

Every year the Apex Garden Club holds a plant sale where the members of the club bring in different plant species to be sold. The money from this goes directly to various charities and causes which feeds into one of the main purposes of the club: to give back to the community through their love for gardens.

Our Purpose For Talking About This:

As we are celebrating the town of Apex’s 150-year anniversary, we also wanted to give back to the community by shining a light on some of these organizations that work hard to make our community as beautiful as it is now. This why today we have chosen to discuss the Apex Garden Club, so that you may learn a little more about how this club gives back to the town. Through their beautification efforts, fundraising, and comradery this club plays an important role in our community.

Are you interested in plants and want to help build roots in the community? Learn more about the Apex Garden Club, here.

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