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Do You Need A Fresh Approach To Life?

House plants are proven to relieve stress and improve mental well-being and as a result, increase productivity. For this reason, plants have become the new critical home essential. With each one you bring into your house, you further perforate the barrier between indoors and out, between nature and nurture.

Modern Sprout is a brand that supports the idea that through plants, moods are boosted, air is purified, bodies are nourished and homes can be a calming oasis in a busy world. They believe that when you tend to a plant, you tend to yourself.

Modern Sprout started with the idea to bring locally grown, fresh food to the table even when living in an urban environment. Determined to find a solution, Modern Sprout turned to their windowsills. Through their innovative designs and scientifically proven methods, Modern Sprout was able to bring the best of both worlds to everybody living an urban lifestyle that has a taste for flourishing plants.

As a promotional item, these products allow recipients to nurture plants, cultivate green spaces, and experience the joys of gardening. Such thoughtful gifts leave a lasting impression, strengthening the bond between your brand and your target audience. Modern Sprout products also provide a versatile canvas for branding. Customization options, such as logo engraving on planter pots or branded seed packets, enable seamless integration of your company's identity with the gift.

Take a look at this Smart Growhouse:

A watertight planter allows for easy planting, watering, and harvesting. Stylish and multi-functional, the Smart Growhouse is perfect for an endless variety of kitchen herbs and leafy greens (including basil, mint, rosemary, parsley, arugula, watercress, and many more) plus cacti, succulents, and houseplants.

Modern Sprout also offers grow kits, grow lights, and home decor.

Incorporating Modern Sprout as a promotional item is a fresh and effective approach to connecting with your audience on a deeper level. Its commitment to sustainability, practicality, and connection to health and wellness makes it an ideal choice to represent your brand's values.

By offering Modern Sprout products, your brand can cultivate a long-lasting relationship with customers and employees alike, while reinforcing its positive impact on the environment and society as a whole.

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