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Does Shipping & Kitting Make You Nervous?

Does a mass shipping project give you anxiety?

Not us, because we have simple solutions that will leave you smiling. Really- easy steps, ready to do in 5 minutes. How's that for fast?

We've been shipping & kitting for years. Our newest program makes the process even easier.

  1. What if you told me you want to ship all around the USA- sure no problem.

  2. Individual shipments to one recipient at a time? Of course

  3. Home or work- yes!

  4. You'd like the flexibility for the recipient to choose the gift? We can do that for you.

  5. You'd like to add their name to the item, with the message or logo- absolutely!

  6. Can you make the unit cost include set up, personalization, kitting & shipping? YES!

  7. Time crunch? One link to share, they order, you get one link to pay. Simple right?

  8. Quality? Name brands? YES!!!

Right now we are offering free set up on this new store program!

We've got you covered!

Need more?

Would you like to craft a program that utilizes our design team with custom boxes- yes, we can help! Different program, but still simple.

Ask us how to craft a program using custom printed boxes.

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