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Don't Be Afraid of the Dark!

When your afraid of the dark- a flashlight can be your best friend. The beams, lumens and watts will help light up your surroundings. Most of us don't need a flashlight everyday, but when you need one, you want a quality solution.

A flashlight will shed light down a path, illuminate the wall for shadow puppets, provide you piece of mind when the power goes out and make work easier by providing adequate light; hands free! We offer many quality brands of flashlights including Cree , Bayco and Nightstick

When comparing options consider these tips.


A Lumen is a unit of standard measurement used to describe how much light is contained in a certain area. One lumen is equal to the amount of light a candle lets fall on 1 square foot of area, 1 foot away. Lumen measures the brightness of a bulb.

What is Beam Spread?

Beam Spread or Beam Angle is the cone of light emitted from the flashlight.


The number of watts represents the power consumed by a bulb.

LED Brightness and Beam Angle

The total brightness of a LED bulb or flashlight is best to be measured in lumens.

  • The common range is 10 lumens, which is minimum.

  • 30 lumens works for most household needs

  • Tactical work for police & military has 90- 1200 lumens, which light up objects at a great distance.

Flashlights make a nice gift for new homeowners!

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