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Drinkware is HOT!

When walking around the show today exploring all the new products for 2020, there was one thing we notice - all the drinkware options! Everyone had it and all had something slightly different, whether it be a different design, shape, brand name or not, mixed media, you name it!

In fact, promo drinkware is kept an average of 12 months (longer if it's of nicer quality) and earns 1,400 impressions during that time! It's not something that many think of when thinking of a gift or giveaway as it's an everyday item that's needed. This reason alone is why it is perfect - the best gifts are the useful ones.

While walking, we heard a lot of feedback about what attracts someone to a new drinkware item but the tops reasons that seemed to keep coming up were the following:

  • Full color design - we can help with this!

  • Tulip shaped and thin - something you can hold and sip from effortlessly

  • Brand names

We invite you to keep following our blogs to learn more about what caught our eye and what we think will catch yours!

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