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Enjoy The Sweet Side of Life

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

November 4th is National Candy Day, making it fitting to discuss the sweet side of life.

Here are five fun fact sets about American's crush on candy & chocolate:

1. 99% of households buy chocolate or candy at least once a year. Most people in the U.S. enjoy chocolate & candy 2-3x per week. According to (National Confectioners Association)

2. Candy sales – including chocolate, non-chocolate as well as gum and breath fresheners – increased in 2022 to $42.6 billion. Sweets sales have been on the upswing as consumers continue to look for ways to treat themselves after changes in holidays and celebrations during the COVID-19 pandemic decreased purchases in 2020. According to

3. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 22 pounds of candy is consumed by Americans each year. Most of that is chocolate. Sites-

4. Watermelon is the top summer flavor for 2023, followed by cherry and strawberry. Chocolate, gummies, and saltwater taffy round out the top three summer candy types. Again, facts from

5. Additionally, 94% of Americans will bring chocolate or candy with them camping, 93% of Americans say they’ll take along candy on a road trip, and 89% of beachcombers enjoy some sweet snacks in the sand. Sites- Abasto

And a bonus fact, according to Nielsen the highest spike in weekly candy sales?

Halloween, followed by Valentine's Day, and then Christmas.

Since foodies remind us we eat with our eyes first, let's take a visual trip through some of the name-brand collections we offer for your branding!

Ask us about crafting your own personalized collection for any day- after all give the people what they crave, some sweets!

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