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Every Day Is An Adventure

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Building unique campaigns are part of the fun of our industry. Our client base is diverse, and within a day our hands touch many projects. It isn't unusual for us to have worked on over 30 projects by midweek - whether it be ordering, sourcing, graphic design, kitting or delivering.

It's only Wednesday and this week we have:

  • Created new logos

  • Designed tee shirts 

  • Suggested seed paper items for an open house project

  • Sourced the perfect shirts for corporate, schools and EMS teams

  • Create art for a patch project

  • Ordered cups, pens, pencils, personal care products for summer like sunscreen, lip balm, hand sanitizer and lotion, totes for markets 

  • Worked on local fundraisers

  • Created and ordered ID badges, Door mats, outdoor signage, indoor displays, table covers

  • Developed and loaded online stores for employees

  • Kitted together items for mass distribution within an organization

  • Delivered custom work vests

  • Discussed themes and bounced around ideas for annual campaigns

  • Create a custom solution to recognize donors.....and the week is not over! 

Miranda often says, "every day is an adventure". 

In between orders, we are busy with our own promotions. Sara's been working on our website, creating art to share our brand story, adding to our testimonials, case studies and photo gallery. Keith gets the nuts and bolts of the process- invoicing, compliance and deliveries! Inserted here is a new infographic outlining the process we use. As crazy as any day can be internally, we enjoy working as a team to resolve your challenges. The occasional chaos is worth it when clients appreciate our expertise! 

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