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Everything is Better with Butter!

Especially t-shirts! No, we're not crazy. Our new partners have created a process called the Butter Wash - and no they don't wash their shirts in butter.

This is the name they've given their unique softening process that makes carded cotton feel like ring-spun cotton, a ring-spun feel like a tri-blend, and a tri-blend feels softer than you've ever imagined. We've got samples in the showroom if you don't believe us!

What else is great about it?

  • Can be applied to as few as 72 pieces

  • Makes fabrics Wrinkle Resistant

  • Stops garments from shrinking

  • Allows you to choose your level of softness

Did we mention they also provide 37, yep 37, different garment alterations and add-ons in terms of decoration options?

Make your brand personality come to life and create a truly custom piece!

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