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Extreme Tasks Require Extreme Products

Updated: May 2, 2022

Summer is coming, and along with the sun here in NC comes the humidity! Whether it's heat, humidity, rain, or snow, we have top quality options to meet all your outdoor label needs. Even stickers that are used for products around water and heat-like carpet cleaning.

Below are just some examples of outdoor labeling we offer:

  • 1- to 4-color process color printing

  • Reflective stock that bounces the light back to the source, creating high-visibility in low-light, dark or poor weather conditions

  • Gloss lamination is provided to our outdoor labels to protect them against moisture, scratching and outside elements while adding an extra sheen to enhance your label design

  • Matte lamination provides the same great barrier against the elements…plus it’s the perfect choice for labels that need to be written on by employees or visitors

  • Sunscreen lamination has added protection from fading and cracking. It protects labels by combatting UV rays and may extend the fade resistance of some inks

  • Besides outdoor conditions, there are indoor items that just need a little extra protection - think freezer labels, shampoo labels and any other label that may need a shield from the elements.

Labels need to stick around for long term messaging. Make sure you consider all your adhesion and protection options when selecting products for your next project. We have samples of all types of labels to compare in our showroom and besides stock shapes, we can do custom.

Labels are always USA Made! Put our graphic design team to work for your next project.

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