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Facing Left or Facing Right?

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

If you follow our blog or have purchased drinkware with our company, you are familiar with the term "wrap imprint". One of our first questions in developing a campaign is to inquire about your audience, to learn how much content area is needed for your message.

Sponsorships, education, and milestone moments are just three types of marketing moments that benefit from a large imprint area, especially a wrap imprint. Since each side of a wrap imprint can be different on many mugs, "side 1 & side 2" varies only by how one grabs the handle.

However, not all drinkware has a wrap imprint, which means sometimes a decision must be made about imprinting on side 1 or side 2. Your preference determines if the logo or message should face the recipient or turn towards the viewer.

On our team we have 2 left-handed teammates - Sally and Angela. Miranda, Sherri, Keith and Olivia are all right-handed, but that does not make them "right". Dive into the science by exploring this post about the Science of People.

Our talented graphics team will maximize your imprint area to make sure your message works no matter how you hold the cup!

Wondering how being a leftie differs from being a rightie? Challenge yourself today by using your left hand while sipping your coffee, using a pair of scissors, writing in a spiral-bound notebook, or even using a fork and knife!

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