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Feeling, In The Palm of Your Hand

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

For many, our emotional connection starts with touch. Sensory cues like touch hold strong memories and pleasant memories evoke positive feelings. In a month associated with love, why not consider ideas that fit well in the palm of your hand?

Drinkware remains a popular choice for branding because of it's usefulness.

In fact, 2022 studies shows that it was one of the most popular items to receive in the


Brand engagement relies on being used & seen. All month we have been featuring products that are innovative & useful. Let's take a look at some drinkware brands that you should get to know.

Are you familiar with these brand names?

Palmpress produces hand-brew single servings (8oz) of delicious hot or cold brew coffee. Created by a team of coffee lovers who believe coffee products should be less wasteful, more beautiful, and made with better-for-you materials. Brewing does not produce waste (no pods or paper filters) and your coffee never contacts plastic. Approved by champion baristas.

The PUL SmartCap is the ultimate upgrade to tradition hydration methods. Powdered by cutting-edge technology and science, the PUL SmartCap provides users with data-driven insights into their health and the tools to achieve and maintain proper hydration. Pul SmartCaps user SensorFlow Technology, a proprietary technology built in to accurately measure real-time hydration. Smart Reminders are also part of their innovative algorithim working with color-coded LED light system to train healthy habits. Perfect for those health goals & wellness programs.

TAKEYA's mission is to inspire, energize and celebrate fitness enthusiasts everywhere, one refreshing sip at a time with their collection of advanced everyday hydration solutions. Their product lines features insulated stainless steel bottles, tumblers and travelers,

The cold brew makers and pitchers are USA MADE!

Which option do you FEEL right about trying?

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