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Ferocity, A Force For Good.

Normally wolverines don't conjure images that are positive. Typically these half bear and half wolf creatures are a combination of ferocity & strength that people should avoid, but this Wolverine is brand that is using their ferocity & strength to offer more than meets the eye. By crafting products that are useful to individuals in the our trade industries you are supporting more than hard working people at work- you are literally helping to put individuals to work by supporting #bootstrapproject. Keep reading to learn more about this dynamic brand

Why Select Wolverine products?

Wolverine tool bags, backpacks and gear are the perfect combination of super-durable materials and hard-working designs. Available in a variety of styles that are built to last, each of their bags and accessories are made to maximize storage, comfort, and functionality — while maintaining the same values that generations have trusted for over 140 years.

3 Key Distinguishers


A combination of proprietary industrial grade nailhead fabric, Wolverine guardian cotton, high density canvas, and other premium materials make for the highest quality gear. Other features like YKK® zippers and Duraflex® plastic components give these bags all the toughness they need to withstand long workdays.


With enhanced comfort features like padded haul handles and breathable shoulder straps and back panels, these bags feel great while working hard.


Wolverine products are designed to withstand even the most demanding work and outdoor conditions — with a reputation for durability and comfort — they are trusted by professionals and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

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How about 3 more reasons to LOVE this purpose driven partner?

Only 9 percent of high school students pursuing careers in the trades, skilled labor is in short supply. Wolverine has assembled a team to champion these important jobs by starting Project Bootstrap to advocate for the skilled trades. Through strategic partnerships and initiatives, Project Bootstrap works to break down common misconceptions around the skilled trades industry, while supporting and inspiring the next generation of skilled trades workers in effort to close the trades gap. So far, Wolverine has donated over $2 million to advance the skilled trades.

Read more about each of these three programs:

SkillsUSA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preparing middle-school, high-school and college students for careers in the skilled trades industry. Since 2020, Wolverine has been a supporter of the SkillsUSA Hope Fund, an initiative that offers financial support to students in crisis.

YouthBuild is a nonprofit organization that helps young people between the ages of 16 and 24 get their high school diploma or equivalent, while also earning a construction certificate and learning other life skills.

A part of Metallica's All Within My Hands Foundation, Metallica Scholars

is a nonprofit organization created by the members and management of Metallica that provides financial support to individuals pursuing a skilled trade education. Including two North Carolina colleges, Guilford Technical Community College - Jamestown, North Carolina and Central Piedmont Community College - Charlotte, North Carolina.

Are trade skills important to you?

Our owner Olivia has been an advocate for years. Her first year teaching was at a high school with a robust trade program, preparing many students with the skills necessary to begin work after receiving their diploma or preparing them to master skills and earn certifications at local community colleges such as Wake Tech, here in the triangle.

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