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Food For Thought

Food is a basic human need, but it's also a huge part of our celebrations and events. Think about it, when was the last time you went to an event that did not serve food?

Food is cultural too; just this past Friday I attended a networking breakfast and the gravy/biscuit option on the buffet led to a discussion about what types of breakfast foods we'd grown up eating. Three of us found ourselves trying to explain the appeal of liver mush to a newbie to North Carolina. 

There's no doubt that food is a powerful social connector. Besides comparing food memories, there are emotional connections. Consider this, your brand is never too serious to have some fun. Engaging the community in conversations can start with a laugh if the tray of doughnuts has some crime fighting fuel tucked inside. Are you beginning to see that food gifts go way beyond a bucket of popcorn, tin of chocolate covered almonds or basket of cookies?

Larger employers have break rooms & cafe areas for employees to gather. Show some personality and connect your brand to a crowd! Did you know we can offer you:

  • Branded single serve coffee pods or tea packets?

  • Branded cutting boards or re use-able cutlery for each employee to use?

  • Drink ware with personalized with each employee's name

  • Branded M&M's or Lifesavers in their mailbox

  • Flavored lip balms at the reception desk

Think beyond the holidays for gifts - appreciation is all year round. Don't be afraid to add some fun!

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