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For Gamers, Every Sound Matters

Every sound matters to a gamer, it's the difference between an epic event and just wasting some time. For game enthusiasts, the ability to immerse one's self into the game and accurately hear the tiniest details or feel every explosion is part of the experience. It's also the difference between playing a game and feeling part of the game.

Did you know that 70% of American homes have at least one avid gamer? Did you know that 51% of gamers are men and 49% are women? Does that surprise you? What shouldn't surprise you is that as the workforce becomes younger, adults that have grown up playing games will be the norm. Why does that matter?

Connecting with your employees at a company bowling night or key accounts over a game of golf might be an outdated approach- whereas gaming is a new way to connect in leisure and a fantastic option for smart, quality gifts as incentives or rewards to employees. Like what?

A voice focused detachable boom mic allows for clear communications and lightweight, memory-foam comfort. The detachable boom mic enables clear multiplayer interactions while memory foam cushions let you game in comfort for hours. Level up your game experience with the JBL Quantum 200 headset or Logitech Gaming Mousepad for consistent sensor imaging and peak cursor accuracy. The surface is also designed for the right friction level to enable targeting by feel and optimize both high-speed flick precision and low-speed control. The rubber base maintains stability during intense gameplay. G840 is also durable and flexible enough to be easily rolled up for transport.

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