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Forests Need Trees- Simple Right?

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

The health of the planet is a big, complex challenge. The urgency of that challenge can be summed up in one simple statement:

There is no Planet B.

It’ll take all of us to make a difference. From conserving natural resources and cutting carbon emissions to reducing waste through recycling efforts, the collective efforts of governments, the private sector and everyday individuals will be needed to ensure a sustainable future for generations to follow. Today is International Day of the Forests, so let's explore how we can partner to save our forests.

New Milestone - Ongoing Commitment.

We have strong partnerships with leaders in our industry committed to doing their part – a commitment that goes beyond offering the largest assortment of eco-friendly and sustainable gifts. Recently, two additional U.S. facilities locations earned certification from the Forest Stewardship Council®, the world’s most trusted organization for sustainable forest management - including a Charlotte location. The FSC® Chain-Of-Custody certification traces the path of FSC®-certified products from forests through the supply chain, verifying that FSC®-certified material is identified or kept separated from non-certified material.

What this means for you? The Chain-Of-Custody process ensures you and your recipients that the FSC®-certified products you buy from us are from responsibly managed forests.

3 Things To Know About FSC®:

1. FSC® ensures forests are managed responsibly so society can continue to use timber, paper and packaging.

2. FSC® strictly limits clearcutting and requires buffers along streams to protect wildlife habitats.

3. FSC® forests store more carbon than traditionally managed forests.

To learn more about how FSC® is creating a legacy of healthy forests for future generations, go to

Ready to shop FSC products? Check out this link to our website. Learn about more products that are making a difference here.

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